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Alaska Institute for Justice (AIJ)

Affiliation or Individual: Robin Bronen
City, Country: Anchorage, Alaska USA
Region of Work: 120, 121
Objective / Mission Statement:

The mission of the Alaska Institute for Justice is to protect the human rights of Alaskans.

Area of work: 127, 126, 125
Key activities relevant to PDD:

The Alaska Institute for Justice is working with Alaska Native Tribes and US and Alaska government agencies to design and implement a community-led relocation process that will protect their human rights. Through this collaboration, AIJ will be leading the development of a relocation governance framework as a disaster risk reduction strategy that: 1) identifies relocation indicators and a decision-making process to determine the point in time when relocation needs to begin; 2) identifies funding strategies for planned relocation; 3) identifies gaps in disaster relief and hazard mitigation legislation to understand how to incorporated planned relocation; and 4) models a collaborative multi-level governance process that protects the human rights of communities faced with relocation.



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