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Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU)-School of Government (ASoG)

Affiliation or Individual: Jose Ramon T Villarin SJ, Antonio G.M. La Viña, Mary Jean Caleda
City, Country: Quezon City, Philippines
Region of Work: 117
Objective / Mission Statement:

The vision of the Ateneo School of Government (ASoG) is to work for a Philippines of prosperous, sustainable, just and happy communities enabled and empowered by democratic, participatory, transparent and accountable governance institutions and processes.
As the graduate school of leadership and public service of the Ateneo de Manila University, ASoG’s mission and vision emphasize creating a mosaic of change by enabling and connecting leaders and communities through work with national government agencies, local government Units, academic and research institutions, civil society organizations, private sector and local communities, and the international community.

Area of work: 127, 128, 126, 122
Key activities relevant to PDD:

As a premier institute of learning, AdMU-ASoG has a reputation in: a) evidence-based research, knowledge building and sharing; b) capacity building for national line agencies, LGUs, private sector and civil society organizations geared to developing skills in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating more responsive programs and services, while improving capacities for analyzing emerging development issues and pioneering governance interventions; and, c) ensuring broad-based participation, transparency and inclusiveness in policy-making and governance.
It has had many years of successful strategic partnerships and engagements at all levels, across many sectors, and with local and international organizations. Its Environment and Climate Change Cluster is engaged in work (research and training) on climate and land use, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction, climate change negotiation and policy support, and cross-sectoral issues such as leadership and governance, and institutional reforms.
ASoG sits as the CSO/academe representative to the Philippines National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council.



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