Central African Republic / IDPs / Reports Of Massacres In The Area Sent Thousands Of People Fleeing. / UNHCR / B. Heger /  September 2013 *** Local Caption *** Conflict In Central African RepublicSince December 2012, The Central African Republic Has Been Caught In A Vicious Cycle Of Violence That Has Seen Some 400 People Killed And 800 Homes Burned. This Violence Has Caused As Many As 400,000 People To Flee Their Homes In Search Of Safety. Many Of The Displaced Live In The Bush And Are In Need Of Shelter, Food, Water, Sanitation And Health Care, Especially During The Current Rainy Season.  In Addition, Many Children Have Become Separated From Their Families In The Chaos Of Flight. Most Of The Affected Are From Areas Outside Bangui, The Capital, Mainly From Ouham Prefecture, Where There Are 175,000 Displaced, With Almost 40,000 In Bossangoa. Of These, Some 37,000 Are Camping In Dire Conditions On The Grounds Of The Catholic Church And Hundreds More In A School And A Hospital. Photographer Boris Heger Was In The Area Earlier This Year And Took These Powerful Images. The People Still Need Help And The Situation Remains Unstable.

Disasters, Climate Change and Human Mobility in Southern Africa: Consultation on the Draft Protection Agenda

Disasters, Climate Change and Human Mobility in Southern Africa: Consultation on the Draft Protection Agenda

The Nansen Initiative Southern Africa Consultation on “Disasters, Climate Change and Human Mobility in Southern Africa: Consultation on the Draft Protection Agenda,” will take place in Stellenbosch, South Africa, on 4-5 June 2015, and will aim to explore issues related to human mobility (displacement, migration and planned relocation) in the context of disasters and climate change in Southern Africa. The Consultation will also provide participants with an opportunity to review and contribute to the Nansen Initiative’s draft Protection Agenda on cross-border displacement in the context of disasters and climate change. Objectives of the Southern Africa Consultation The Nansen Initiative Southern Africa Consultation will provide an opportunity for representatives from governments, civil society, international organizations and academic institutions in the region to share relevant experiences and identify good practices from Southern Africa related to human mobility in the context of natural hazards and climate change as they review the draft Protection Agenda. The primary objectives of the Nansen Initiative Southern Africa Consultation are to: 

  1. Attain a better understanding of the human mobility dynamics linked to natural hazards in Southern Africa, particularly related to cross-border displacement and migration;
  2. Review the draft Protection Agenda and provide feedback on the document’s overall structure, content and key messages, and in particular the extent to which the draft reflects the sub-regional dynamics in Southern Africa;
  3. Identify effective practices from Southern Africa – at regional, national and community levels- in relation to thematic areas within the draft Protection Agenda (climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, migration as adaptation, planned relocation, protecting disaster displaced persons, and protecting migrants caught up in a disaster-affected country);
  4. Contribute to on-going discussions about future international institutional arrangements on cross-border disaster-displacement following the October 2015 Nansen Initiative Global Consultation.
Somalia/internally displaced people (IDPs) An extended family of 18 people from Buale, South Central Somalia, arrives in Galkayo fleeing from a drought in their region. It took them 6 days to come by bus. As they do not have a place to stay they would squat with a relative leaving in Bulo Kontrol settlement in Galkayo. Their 80 year old grandmother, Hawa Aden Hussein, who travel with them said "I just need a place to sit and some food". UNHCR/R. Gangale/May 2011

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