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The Group of Friends strengthens awareness on the protection and assistance needs of disaster displaced persons. It is an open-ended group and consists of States and regional organizations. The European Union and Morocco co-chair the Group of Friends.

The co-chairs circulate invitations to briefings and meetings to all interested Member States of the UN and to relevant regional organizations (through their representations in Geneva and New York) which:

  • Have an interest in the issue of displacement in the context of disasters and the adverse effects of climate change
  • Are supportive of the objective of the Platform on Disaster Displacement
  • Would like to follow the Platform’s work and engage with the PDD on relevant activities
  • Would like to make comments, proposals, and contributions to the work of the Platform
  • And/or are a member of the PDD Steering Group.

All Member States of the UN and all relevant regional organizations are invited to all meetings and can choose which to attend and where.

You can read about the first meeting of the Group of Friends here.

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