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From the Nansen Initiative to the Platform on Disaster Displacement: Shaping Building Resilient Cities Engaging DRR to an Urban World

South Asia Disasters

The need for bringing DRR and CCA to urban planning is urgent in a
world that is urbanizing rapidly, where disaster displacement risk and
other calamities are driven by rapid and unplanned urbanisation. In this
matter, India compromises to give especial attention to the future of its
cities by promoting the construction of safe buildings and better land-use
plans. The issue also highlights the specific challenges urbanization faces
when a disaster situation occurs like in the case of the earthquakes in
Gujarat and Pakistan and the need to develop a better earthquake early
warning system for the future. It also recognizes the important role of
Communication Medias and NGO during a disaster. In the case of
AIDMI it has to be mentioned it is a pioneer in developing better
preparedness responses and long term solutions by utilising a holistic


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