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Development Implications of Climate Change and Migration in the Pacific    

Cosmin Corendea

In  the  years   to  come,  climate-­‐related  shocks  and  trends   will  amplify  the  challenges  and  risks  of   displacement  for  the  people  of  the  Pacific.  In  this  context,  this  paper  analyses  the  opposite  perceptions   of  the  migration  process  in  the  Pacific  from  the  main  receiving  countries  in  the  region  (Fiji,  Australia  and   New  Zealand).  This  is  explored  through  a  hybrid  approach  employed  in  the  postulation  of  a  legal   framework,  which  would  attempt  to  create  a  balance  of  interest  between  the  migrants  and  the  receiving   countries  articulated  on  socio-­‐economic  and  environmental  parameters.   Applicable  international   instruments  and  relevant  measures  of  international  organizations  are  explored  and  analysed  with  a  view   to  resulting  gaps  and  shortcomings.

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