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Loss and damage case studies from the frontline: a resource to support practice and policy

Loss and damage, including displacement, is an urgent issue: the world’s least-resourced communities and countries are increasingly unable to adapt to or absorb worsening climate impacts, but the realities and costs of loss and damage remain poorly understood and information is not systematically shared.

IIED and ICCCAD have created this set of 12 case studies to fill critical knowledge gaps: taken together, they form a ‘toolkit’ of examples and information to draw on. The content will help vulnerable countries to understand and express the loss and damage risks they face, across diverse contexts, as well as learn about existing coping mechanisms and strategies that can be viable in tackling loss and damage based on the existing thresholds of tolerable risk of different countries and communities. The case studies also represent a knowledge base that can be used to influence national and international policy discourse on action and support needed to tackle loss and damage at local level.


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