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Mixed Migration Review 2020: Mixed migration and cities – Urban frontlines for displacement and mobility

Mixed Migration Centre

The third publication of the annual Mixed Migration Review by the Mixed Migration Centre focuses on urban migration.

This year’s edition offers updates on global mixed migration trends and policy events while examining the role of cities in human mobility. The Keeping track section sets out the year’s key mixed migration trends across the globe and summarises selected policy and legislative developments. A series of essays explore the urban reality of mixed migration, zooming in on topics such as climate change, people smuggling, displacement between and from cities, the global pandemic, the opportunities and risks refugees and migrants encounter in urban areas and more. The report also includes a series of interviews with migration experts, policy makers, academics, and mayors. The report is based on a wide range of research as well as exclusive access to 4Mi data from over 10,000 interviews with refugees and migrants conducted over the course of 2019 and 2020, initially face-to-face and then remotely (and focused on Covid-19) when the pandemic hit in March. New sections include a series of ‘urban spotlights’ on cities all over the world exemplifying specific issues related to mixed migration and cities, as well as first-hand accounts of city life, ‘urban voices’, from refugees and migrants in Bamako, Bogotá, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Teheran, Tunis, and Turin. An updated ‘normalisation of the extreme’ section documents how migration policies, actions and attitudes are becoming more extreme, at times justified under the guise of COVID-19.


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