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The predecessor of the Platform on Disaster Displacement – the Nansen Initiative consultation process – has repeatedly identified the need to develop new and innovative tools to generate better data, research and analysis on cross-border disaster displacement.  Understanding of the complex causes, dynamics and magnitude of disaster displacement continues to grow. This section presents some of the leading research, laws and policies addressing displacement, disasters and climate change, as well as the relationship between disasters, climate change and human mobility more generally.

IOM Framework for Addressing Internal Displacement
Migration in the 2030 Agenda
Migración, Ambiente Y Cambio Climático: Estudios de Caso en América del Sur – 2017
Movilidad humana, desastres naturales y cambio climático en América Latina: De la comprensión a la acción
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit
La Migracion ambiental en el Pacto Mundial para una Migracion Segura, Ordenada y Reguylar: desafios y aportes para America Latina y el Caribe
Brazil Declaration and Plan of Action
Cartagena +30
Paris Agreement 2016
UNHCR Key Messages for Cop 23
2017 UNHCR Engagement in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants 2016
United Nations General Assembly
The 100 Points of Brasilia
Government of Brazil
Groundswell: preparing for internal climate migration
World Bank Group
Making migration work for all
Report of the Secretary General
2017 Africa Report on Internal Displacement
A toolbox: Planning Relocations to Protect People from Disasters and Environmental Change

Useful Links

Take a look at the PDD Strategy for 2019-2022 (EN)

PDD Strategy for 2019-2022 (EN)

PDD Estrategia 2019-2022 (ES)

Consult the PDD  Workplan 2019-2022

PDD  Workplan 2019-2022

Take a look at the PDD Logical Framework on Outcomes and Outputs 2019-2022

PDD Logical Framework on Outcomes and Outputs 2019-2022

Download the Protection Agenda (EN)

Volume I

Volume II

Télécharger l’Agenda pour la protection (FR)

Volume I

Descargar la Agenda para la protección (ES)

Volume I

Platform on Disaster Displacement 

Platform on Disaster Displacement – Leaflet (EN)

La Plateforme sur les déplacements liés aux catastrophes – Brochure (FR)

La Plataforma sobre Desplazamiento por Desastres – Folleto (ES)


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